What exactly is Prayer Therapy?

Prayer Therapy is the practice of using prayer therapeutically in a clinical, intensive treatment and learning session for the purpose of emotional and mental healing and wholeness.

A basic definition of the word therapy is the treatment of illness and disease. This applies to physical and mental illnesses. Psychotherapy is the treatment of mental or emotional disorders by psychological techniques such as counseling and other methods.

Prayer Therapy engages the person’s SOUL (mind, will, and emotions) in a conscious process of TRANSFORMATION; rather than just praying for them to be healed.

Biblical References: LUKE 4:18 ; ROMANS 12: 2 ; II THESS. 5:23

Prayer Therapy is NOT deliverance in the common usage of the word, although deliverance (freedom from demonic oppression and affliction) will occur. It is our observation that ‘deliverance’ is relatively easy; but if the affliction is not healed and if the mind is not renewed, the condition will often re-occur, in a relatively short time.

One can pray for God to take away the demonic oppression (deliverance) but we also need to pray for Him to heal your broken heart (an open door for demonic oppression and mental torment) and we also need to teach you Scripturally based truths and techniques to help you to MAINTAIN, to continue to walk in emotional wholeness.

This is the core essence of prayer therapy.

The soul has perhaps been the most neglected area of twenty-first century people. People have had MANY experiences that caused them great emotional pain and the pain still remains.

Traditional therapy can sometimes locate the point of pain. PRAYER THERAPY invites the ‘God who Heals’ into the process.

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