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Many of the early “Fathers of Psychology” were students of Sigmund Freud and others who were atheistic in their interpretation and application of Psychology; so the Church in general, rejected all aspects of Psychology. Our rejection of the pure scientific facts of Psychology have cost us.

Unfortunately, dangerous ‘prescription drugs’ are being doled out by the millions. DRUGS ONLY ALLEVIATE SYMPTOMS; OFTEN WITH DANGEROUS SIDE EFFECTS THAT ARE MORE SEVERE THAN THE ORIGINAL COMPLAINT.

If drugs are ABSOLUTELY necessary in order to stabilize you, your emotions still need to be healed. Emotional wounds are just as real as physical wounds. Our emotional wounds, though not visible, need care and attention just the same. If they are not attended, they cause ‘infections of the soul’. PRAYER THERAPY can change that.

The unbiased study of human Behavior, and the documentation of these observations is just pure science. There is nothing religious or non religious about the observation that a child who is deprived of love, affirmation and security often grows up with ‘rejection syndrome’. However it is in the application of treatment that the problems with traditional Psychology and the Church occurred. We agree with the Scriptures; but does that mean that we ignore the problem? The distress that millions of Christians are experiencing should NOT be ignored or DENIED.

God heals emotional hurts, no matter what they are or when they occurred. 

Jesus came to …”heal the brokenhearted … Luke 4:18. 

** If you are too ill, or are in a crisis or an experience is too painful to handle alone, or is life-threatening, do not hesitate to go to a reputable hospital, Psychologist or Psychiatrist or call 911. **

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